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TCL 55 Inch Curved 55? – Smart – Digital Curved TV – Black - GarunElectronics4
TCL 55 Inch Curved 55? – Smart – Digital Curved TV – Black - GarunElectronics4

Thin, Light and Stylish Design The TCL 55-inch Curved has a slim, impressive design with a slim, sophisticated screen that creates a fresh, stylish and modern look. With a wide viewing angle of up to 178 degrees, the TV allows you to freely choose different viewing positions without compromising image quality. The footrest is sure to give you peace of mind when you use it. Slim, lightweight and stylish design Ultra HD resolution for vivid, crisp, clear images Smart The 55-inch TCL 55-inch Curved has 55-inch display for super-sharp 4K images (4x higher than Full HD) contributing Brings you and your family an exciting multimedia entertainment experience, quality every image and detailed display of every detail. tcl_curved_55_inch Ultra HD resolution for vivid, sharp image quality Television 4K using panels of black glass addition, Smart TV TCL 55 Inch Curved also uses panels of black glass contrast stable, fresh new colors help decrease is reflective of light, for high contrast More and show more accurate colors, especially less dazzling. 4K TVs use black glass Powerful sound, vivid with Harman Kardon speakers technology Smart TV Ultra HD 4K 55 inchTCL 55 Inch Curved is equipped with 2 speakers with a total output 20W Harman Kardon speakers and technology have made modern Smart TVs This is different from many other product line in sound quality. The Harman Kardon speaker system reproduces better-than-expected sound, thick and solid sound with powerful bass, complete playback and movie playback, and delivers true-to-life audio experiences. Dynamic, fun entertainment....

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