2 Bedroom all en suite, furnished Apts (Kilimani).

Prix fixe: KSh 250000
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This magnificent 2 Bedroom duplex lofts come with the following salient features:

Full furnished (Modern Appliances,fixtures and fittings)

A Roof Top pool and Deck Lounge

A Modern Gym with full glass wall offering a spectacular view of the city.

Notably the Apartments are located in an Area with plenty Diplomatic mission offices and residencies hence highly preferred by expatriates and foreign guests.

Also the Apartments are serviced by a world class Hospitality company for your convenience and comfort.

In addition the Apartments are in close proximity of trendy bars and restaurants for your entertainment and social needs. This include Osteria del Chianti, B Club, Explorer Whisky Bar, Club Kiza, Fogo Gaucho, Sierra Brasserie, Divino, Newscafe, Brew Bistro Lounge & Grill, Misono (Japanese), Mediterrano restaurants among others.

Yaya Centre & Adlife Plaza Shopping Malls are also in close proximity (i.e 5 mins walk).

Contact: 0733 729 887

Town / City / village:Nairobi - Kenya
Creation Date03/03/2019
Ad number:2151
CategoryHébergement, logement, maisons, immeubles
Keywords:houses for rent, flats, apartments, accomodation, vacant homes, Kilimani, Nairobi Area, Kenya

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